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Internet Computer Use Policy
Trenton Public Library
Last reviewed and revised:
May 4, 2016

  1. Public Use Computers
    1. Computers are available on a walk-in basis. A time limit of one hour must be imposed if others are waiting to use the computers.
    2. Library computers are content monitored; however copyright laws are not to be violated in any way. This means no unlawful copying of/pirating of software, video, audio or text.
    3. Users are responsible for damaged equipment
    4. Blank media such as CDís and DVD's are available from the librarian; one ($1.00) dollar per blank. USB or thumb drives are allowed, however the library is not responsible for computer virus infections.
    5. Printing is allowed for the fee of fifteen ($0.15) cents per page, twenty five ($0.25) cents for color prints.
    6. Students under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a parent before using the computer on their own.
    7. Patrons are not allowed to disconnect or reconfigure the library computer equipment.
    8. The library is not responsible for the loss of any work or information due to public computer use, misuse or malfunction.
    9. The library maintains a wireless or WiFi network within the library. A policy for use of private wireless equipment is stated below.
  2. WiFi Use
    1. Trenton Public Library will provide free WiFi connections to the citizens of our community. Patrons are welcome to bring their own wireless computer equipment to the library to use.
    2. Technical support for accessing the libraries WiFi is available by pre-arrangement only.
    3. The library cannot guarantee a secure connection at all times and in all parts of the library, external electrical interference is out of the libraries control. The library is not responsible for inconveniences due to poor or lost wireless connections.
    4. It is recommended by the library that any private equipment used to access the libraries wireless network be equipped with proper firewall and antivirus protection. The library is not responsible for the content and malware infection of privately owned computer equipment.
    5. Internet access on all library owned computers is content monitored. Patrons are responsible for all content accessed on private equipment. If any laws pertaining to pornography, copyright, bigotry or commerce are broken by users of any equipment, library privileges will be revoked.
    6. Printing is allowed wirelessly at the same printing rates as stated for library owned computers. Technical support for configuring wireless printing is available with pre-arrangement only. Patrons may save data to a USB drive and print from library owned equipment.

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