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Emergency Situation Policy
Trenton Public Library
This policy approved by the Board of Trustees:
June 1, 2016


Director: Larry Evans (308) 334-5122
HeadHead Librarian: Nadine Dewey (308) 334-5269
Village Clerk: Wendy McKain (308) 334-5488
Trenton Medical Clinic: (308) 334-5155
Great Plains Communications
(internet issues)
(888) 343-8014

In all extreme cases

The library phone is behind the librarianís desk and the emergency 911 number should be used for any incident that may require an ambulance or fire response. Always be sure everyone has been accounted for and /or evacuated from the building. If prudent go through the bathroom and exit out the back door building where the main circuit breaker is located, turn off power to the building Outside the back door is located the propane tank for the building, if there is no danger of injury, turn off the propane to the building.
Do not attempt these tasks if there is the slightest danger of injury.

In case of injury or illness

If the medical situation is minor the Trenton Medical clinic a possible option. It is vital that the library staff attempt no activity for which they are not trained or physically capable. Use '911' and the emergency phone numbers to seek help.


There is a fire extinguisher prominently placed by the front door and another hanging from the central column near the rear door. Fire exits are through the front entrance, the side entrance and through the bathroom and out the back of the building.


Avoid standing near exterior windows and doors in case of broken glass. It is possible to take shelter in the basement of the building by going through the bathroom to the back of the building and proceeding down the stairs. The light switches are located by the doorways and at the foot of the stairs. Be aware there is no emergency lighting in the basement.


The village is in the Republican River flood plains, in the case of a flood evacuate the building and seek higher ground.

It is the responsibility of the library director to maintain daily operational computer record backups off site at all times. Physical records of the library such as billing, purchasing and payments records are maintained at the Trenton Village offices and are outside of staff control, however computer records reflect a majority of the information contained in any village office physical record.

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