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Fiscal Policy
Trenton Public Library
This policy approved by the Board of Trustees:
August 3, 2016

The board of trustees sets fiscal policy to ensure budgetary oversight and adherence


  1. The Library Board of Trustees and the library director will consult with and make recommendations to the Village Board as to the budgetary need and desires for the library.
  2. The budget is established by the village Board and fund management is the responsibility of the Trenton Village offices.
  3. The library director will be responsible for adherence to the budget in view of collection development and will seek board approval for all other library expenditures.

Other income sources

  1. The library will use fees, fines, fund raising events and book sales as sources of additional funding. These funds are specifically sought for collection development but by board approval may be used for any necessary library expenditures.
  2. The library does accept donations and gifts on the condition that the library has the authority to make whatever disposition the board and director deem necessary. Gifts of money, real property and/or stock will be accepted on the conditions that any attached conditions for dispersal are acceptable to the board. The library will not accept for deposit or circulation any materials which are not outright gifts.
  3. Periodically the library board or the village board will submit grant applications for the benefit of the library. Any grants received become a separate item from annual budget restraints.
  4. All assets gained through donations, collection reduction sales, fund raising, fees and fines will be reported and accounted for through the village offices.
  5. Any benefits the library receives from the Friends of the Library group or any other non-profit organization are considered donations or gifts and will be treated as such.

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