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Bylaws of the Board of Trustees
Trenton Public Library
Last reviewed and amended by the Board of Trustees:
May 4, 2016

  1. Entity

    The name of the library shall be Trenton Public Library located at 406 Main Street, Trenton, Nebraska. It is a division of the Village of Trenton and as such is a publicly funded entity intended for the benefit of all residents of Trenton and the surrounding area or the county of Hitchcock.

  2. Purpose

    To assemble, preserve, and administer an organized collection of book and related media for the purpose of education and entertainment with the goal of promoting the free communication of ideas within its physical and financial means. To meet or exceed the minimum Essential Guidelines for Public Libraries as put forth by the Nebraska Library Commission To maintain the premises as a place where the populace of Trenton will want to enter, read, gather and utilize.

  3. Board of Trustees

    The library will be governed by a Board of Trustees. The five member board will be approved by the village board. The members of the board will serve a four year term. No member will serve more than two consecutive terms. After an absence of one year a member is again eligible to serve on the board. New board members are chosen to fill unexpired terms. After which the replacement board members are eligible to serve one term of their own. The remaining board will submit the names of any new or replacement member to the village board for approval. No trustee shall receive compensation. A president and a secretary shall be elected at the first meeting of the session year. The duties of the president shall be to preside over meetings, write orders, appoint committees, call special meetings, and be the legal representative of the board. The duties of the secretary will be to keep the minutes of all meetings. Meetings of the board of trustees will be held once a month on a date selected by the board. Three members make a quorum. Notice of the meetings will be openly and clearly posted. All regular monthly meetings will conform to the Open Meetings Act and be held during library hours. In the event of illness or other unability to reach a quorum the board will make every effort to gather a necessary quorum at any local meeting place strictly to handle monthly expenses and signing duties expected of the board monthly to meet the time requirements of the village offices. Any such emergency meeting will be for necessary monthly claim signatures only, all public business will be tabled until the next regular meeting. The board will be responsible for appointing a library director, approving expenditures, planning and executing all building and facility improvements as well as consulting and overseeing the budget as approved by the village board. Collection development, procurement and library maintenance will be the responsibility of the library director within budgetary limits.

  4. Session Year and Fiscal Year

    The Library Board of Trustees session year will begin at the June board meeting and end after the May meeting while the fiscal year of the library shall coincide with the Village of Trenton and shall begin October 1 and end September 31.

  5. Library Use

    It shall be the duty of the board of trustees to set library hours and holiday closure policies. They shall also be responsible for approving all fees and fines determined by the library director. The library is open to the public. Internet access is free and local citizens may borrow materials at no charge. The library director will establish the criteria for all non-local patrons who wish to borrow material. Every consideration will be given to handicapped patrons.

  6. Amendments

    These bylaws may be amended and revised by vote of the board of trustees and all changes must be posted within fourteen days before any changes take effect. All changes must be in accordance with State and Village statutes.

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