Monthly Archives: February 2014


Our library has several fans of the Western genre. I have not read any yet but plan to. My difficulty lies in the point that I am the book buyer for the library and I am having a terrible time finding new and popular western authors. Our library has, of course plenty of Zane Gray, Louis L’Amour, Ralph Compton and William Johnstone but who else is a good author of westerns? What are some good titles? Does anybody else read these stories?

I am currently reading a novel by a new author,  a gentleman I believe, by the name of Magnus Flyte. It is called City of Lost Dreams and so far it has been quite engaging but a bit confusing when it comes to following the story. It has a rather extended cast and sometimes I think I need a program to follow who’s who, but I am hoping for a thrilling surprise ending.

Anybody else read this author?