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Back to School Blues

School has started again and that means homework and cooler temperatures. The Library is a great place to hang out after school to do homework maybe get some help with it and to find a good book to read when you are done. We have a lot of new books at the library and your Trenton Public Library can even set you up with ebook access. Stop by and check us out and in the mean time post a comment about some of the books you read this summer or even a list of books you will need to read at school this fall. We try to get as many requested books in as we can. This season we got some new books in by James Dashner (Maze Runner) and John Green (Paper Towns).

All the words that I utter,
And all the words that I write,
Must spread out their wings untiring,
And never rest in their flight,
Till they come where your sad, sad heart is,
And sing to you in the night,
Beyond where the waters are moving,
Storm-darken’d or starry bright

“Where My Books Go” by William Butler Yeats

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