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Trenton Board of Trustees

August 3, 2017

Trenton, NE



A meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Trenton, NE, was convened in open and public session, Thursday, August 3, 2017 at 6:00p.m. at the Village Office.  Present:  Chairman McArthur, Trustees Lewis, McDonald and Wimer, Clerk McKain, Deputy Clerk Rife, Michael Hoback, Tom Hovey, and Berry Pedersen.  Board member Neely was absent.  Availability of the agenda was communicated in advance notice and in the notice sent to the Chairman and Trustees of the meeting. All proceedings hereafter shown were taken while the meeting was open to the public.


Roll Call was taken at 6:00pm and quorum was verified.


Chairman made “Open Meeting Act” announcement.


Citizen Forum:  Mr. Pedersen stated the weeds on the railroad property to the north of his residence are very tall and need to be mowed.  Mr. Pedersen suggested mowing the weeds and then billing the railroad.  Mr. Pedersen stated the armor coating on West D street is very thick.  Mr. Pedersen suggest trimming the edges to allow for dirt and gravel to be picked up with street sweeper.  McArthur stated he would check to see about possible milling on the edges of the street.  Mr. Pedersen suggested spending some money to get the curbs fixed around town, as they look terrible.  McArthur stated Main Street is a state highway and requires state approval.  McArthur stated funding is low and curbs will have to be repaired slowly.  Mr. Pedersen suggested filling holes in the streets before armor coating.


Motion made by Lewis and second by McDonald to approve agenda. Ayes: Lewis, McArthur, McDonald and Wimer.  Nays: None.  Absent: Neely.  Motion carried. 


Motion made by Wimer and second by Lewis to approve the July 11, 2017 meeting minutes. Ayes: Lewis, McArthur, McDonald, and Wimer.  Nays: None.  Absent: Neely.  Motion carried.


No reports from the treasurer or officers were given.


Unfinished Business: No unfinished business was discussed.


Ordinance or Resolution: None.


New Business:  Mr. Hoback of Almquist Maltzahn Galloway & Luth provided budget analysis and overview.  Discussion took place on the budget and modifications were made.  Mr. Hoback suggested some projects have to wait due to lack of funds.  Mr. Hoback will revised the budget and send back for review and adoption by the board.


Correspondence: None


Claims: None


With no further business, motion made by McDonald and second by Lewis to adjourn meeting at 8:11pm.  Ayes: Lewis, McArthur, McDonald, and Wimer.  Nays: None.  Absent: Neely.  Motion carried.


Next regular meeting will be August 8, 2017 at 6:30pm in the Village Office.




Jessy McArthur, Chairman

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Wendy L. McKain, MBA, MMC

Village Clerk/Treasurer

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