Main street in Trenton, circa 1890

Trenton Village was founded around the turn of the 19th century. Today it is an active and involved, modern rural community with strong High School Sports and Academics programs. (GO FALCONS!)

Trenton Public Library is housed in the recently renovated VFW building built in 1906. It boasts over 10,000 books including historical references for the region.

Trenton Public Library, main room
Hitchcock County Museum, main building

The Hitchcock County Museum, in Trenton has a wonderful collection from around the county and is home of the Hitchcock County Historical Society.

Trenton lies 3 miles from Swanson resevoir which attracts fisherman and boaters from across the region and the hunting is great! With deer, pheasant and turkey topping the list. The Trenton golf course is said to have the best sand greens in the state.

Trenton golf course, best sand greens in Nebraska
Trenton Ag ethanol plant

Trenton resides in a Livestock Friendly county, with one of the states several ethanol production plants. There is plenty of room for expansion and new business in Trenton. With several thriving small businesses, it is a good place to do and to be in business.

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